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Classification of difficulties

The varieties of difficulties which occur during canyoning are far to wide to classify them with only one number. In the following descriptions a common ambitious classification is used to avoid a complex system. In this system the criteria for the difficulties are rated according terrain, water and rappelling. All criteria of each class are not reduced to one number, but each is given separately. The most difficult section always determines the grade of difficulty.

The assessment of the terrain is given in the first Roman digit from I – VI, analogue to the UIAA scale for climbing. The second classification in Latin character from A – F determines the difficulty caused by the water. With the last rubric in Arabic digits from 1 – 6 is given the assessment of rappelling. If there are no difficulties per class, there is no character displayed. With this system an executive summary of three grades is displayed.

For example a canyon with climbs in III grade, with easy jumps up to 5 m height and rappelling down to more than 30 m. The classification is: III / B / 4

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