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Code of practice

The following questions may help you planning the trip:

What happens during canyoning? The personnel requirements during canyoning differ depending on the canyons. Generally you will be stressed mentally and physically.

The physical pressure consists of:

  • stress on condition during the approach
  • stress on condition by moving through the canyon (walking, swimming, climbing, abseiling, jumping, sliding)
  • skillfulness by moving on slippery, rocky underground
  • influence of the cold
  • stress through supporting help
  • resistance and interference in the freedom of movement because of the equipment
  • stress on condition during the way back

In addition there‘s mental pressure consisting of:

  • influence of divers danger (water, rock fall, thunderstorms…)
  • uncertainness, fear (during abseiling, jumping…)
  • trepidation because of narrowness, darkness, noise
  • insecurity 
  • cooperation inside the team
  • trust in technique, material, belaying points

To handle these pressure correctly you have to consider the qualification of each member planning the trip. It is absolutely necessary that all the participants are instructed about the trip and that everybody is qualified to do it. All possible aspects shall be discussed in a not too euphemistic way but also without painting black. The final decision must be made in accordance to safety.

What do I have to know?

The required skills also depend on the character of the canyon trip. At least it is necessary to be interested in this mainly wet sport. A minimum of condition and skilfulness is required, too. Basic knowledge in climbing and swimming is necessary. You shouldn‘t be afraid of heights to go to high descending sections. Not everybody has to know all the rope techniques. It is sufficient that experienced participants take the leadership and make correct decisions. The fact that everybody has to know his personal skills and abilities is important.