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Overview of the education for canyoning guides in Tyrol

The development for a certified and authorised canyoning guide of Tyrol after a one day qualifying examination is as following:

  • Basic training: 8 ½ days
  • First aid, rescue and mountain rescue: 3 days
  • Leadership practice (out of Tyrol): 6 days
  • Legal final examination: 2 days

Examination subjects:
Rope- and knot lore, topography, geology, meteorology, lore of equipment and devices, lore of hazard and accident, handling in stress situations, hydrology, hydrodynamic, trip planning, leadership, foreign language English, tourism, nature- und environment, lore of occupational, lore of laws, rescue techniques, swimming in white water, lore of jumping.

Term of practice:
Between the sections of training all candidates have to absolve a practice at an educated and authorized canyoning guide, which has to be proofed by exact documentation.