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The equipment, as in all kinds of alpine sport, is particularly important for canyoning, too. Only with the correct equipment we are able to proceed successfully in a canyon and to experience it with joy. The wrong equipment must not always cause an accident. Often the adventure is not that nice just because someone is cold. This means not only less fun for the affected person, but also the whole team will be urged to hurry and is not able to enjoy the trip.

The equipment is split into personal equipment and team equipment. It seems clear that the used equipment adapted to circumstances and requirements. The items listed in the check-list on the right page will give an almost complete overview of the equipment needed. Simply copy it and check it upfront!


personal equipment

  • wet suit, stockings, gloves, hood
  • underwear (preferable synthetic)
  • protection suit (schlaz)
  • suitable shoes
  • special harnes, safety line, cut line, rappeling device
  • helmet
  • live west
  • whistle, knife

team equipment

  • back bag
  • ropes (also safety rope), throw bag 
  • carabiners, ascenders, slings, acessory cord
  • drilling set mit hammer, pitons, chocks
  • waterproof box
  • telephone
  • fist aid kit, thermal blanket, signal rocket, emergency food
  • lamp
  • probe, diving mask
  • waterresistant writing pad
  • map, topo

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