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Canyoning book about rope- and belaying technique

Written in German language only!
Canyoning, what means that? This word describes a new and fascinating activity in mostly untouched and magical scenery. Doing canyoning you’ll follow the flow of creeks by descending with abseiling, climbing, swimming, and if possible also with jumping and sliding. With canyoning the sportive diversity is connected with the challenge of rock and water in a primordial landscape. Alexander Riml was fascinated and enthralled very early by this kind of sport. But canyoning is difficult to describe, you have to experience it by yourself.
As Alexander Riml is managing since several years the education for the certified and authorized canyoning guide of Tyrol and he is trainer at the Austrian Mountain Guide Association, he made the experience a lot of the candidates have problems with the particular rope technique. The belaying- and rope technique at canyoning is a very important and delicate issue for all sport men, particularly for the educated guides. As the rope- and belaying technique is not the same an alpine mountaineering, he tried to show this with help of his drawings and words. A wrong used technique at canyoning can result fatal outcome, as you have only a little time to correct a failure.
This book with its very precise explanations is dedicated to all, who want to experience this sport and to experience the nature from another side. Particularly it is dedicated to professional guides and mountain rescues, for which this book shall serve as a manual for their practice.

Rope- and Belaying Technique Canyoning

  • Author Alexander RIML
  • Textbook with DVD (written in German language only!)
  • 307 pages
  • ca. 100 coloured pictures
  • hundreds of coloured sketches
  • bound
  • DVD as addendum
  • ISBN 978-3-9502384-1-9
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About the author

Born in 1969 Alexander lives in Tumpen/Ötztal together with his wife Susanne and his three children.