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The Canyoningguide for Tyrol

Tiroler Canyoningführer
This guide offers an overview of all gorges usable for canyoning as complete as possible in Tyrol. The most beautiful canyons are described well arranged and maps, longitudinal sections (topos) and pictures are added.
This enables a well founded trip planning for canyoneers or guides. In addition a list of names of all those canyons is given, in which canyoning is possible, but due to several reasons these are not described in detail. Pay attention doing canyoning in those canyons!

Guide in German and English

This book is written in two languages (German and English) to give international canyoneers the possibility to discover Tyrol by canyoning. The translation to English is not from a native speaker intentionally, to keep it on a basic level to allow good reading by many users. In addition the used short information is described in French, Italian and Spanish, too.

Area map

The canyons are displayed on a general map. Therefore Tyrol was divided in seven sectors as follows:
  • Tiroler Oberland (TO)
  • Ötztal, Pitztal & Gurgltal (ÖP)
  • Außerfern (AF)
  • Tirol Mitte (TM)
  • Zillertal & Achensee (ZA)
  • Tiroler Unterland (TU)
  • Osttirol (OT)

The Canyoningguide for Tyrol

  • 498 pages
  • 109 well arranged trips
  • additional 89 named trips
  • ca. 400 coloured pictures
  • ca. 100 coloured topos
  • bound
  • ISBN 978-3-200-02343-7
Price € 45.00
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