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Review from Thomas Kracker

Tiroler Canyoningführer - The Canyoningguide for Tyrol
The first guide book that Tyrol's canyons describes comprehensive and precise!

Alexander Riml is a mountain- and ski guide for many years on tour, not only in the mountains, but also in various canyons in the Alps and beyond. The enthusiasm for canyoning sports shows his commitment, as an instructor for the Tyrolean canyoning guides and canyoning rescue in Tyrol, or even as an author as titled "rope- and belaying techniques for canyoning".

For several years, his desire was to write a guide to the canyons in Tyrol, and to the ever-increasing circle of private canyoneers with the opportunity to learn about the various canyons in Tyrol.

Two years ago, should the wish to be true, after he had found with Gunnar Amor a partner who also has a perfectionist attitude as himself. Gunnar is a canyoning veteran and has many gorges first descended in the most unlikely places in Tyrol. Gunnar is found both with guests and private canyoning in all canyons in Europe and beyond.

The guide describes canyons in Tyrol, which is due to the fact of the particularly geographic one of the most various canyoning areas. The Inn divides North Tyrol in half and cut, therefore, two types of rock. North of the Inn at the canyons have cut into the sediment, mostly limestone, and worked out canyons with bright turquoise green water, mainly as V-valleys. South of the Inn, the water has washed out deep and often dark canyons of the hard bedrock. There can be found many pools.

The guide describes more than 100 trips in Tyrol and East Tyrol. In order to provide greater clarity within this amount, the guide is divided into suitable areas: Tiroler Oberland, Ötztal/Pitztal/Gurgltal; Außerfern; Tirol mitte; Zillertal/Achensee; Tiroler Unterland and Osttirol. The areas have been chosen so that the trips can be achieved in an area with short distances. Helpful is the apparent colour of the label that is assigned to the areas.

The canyoning trips are described with clear maps, beautifully and clearly illustrated longitudinal sections (topos), well-written and informative and appealing pictures. Much attention has been given a clear structure. Each trip is described understandable and clear on four pages, with brief information which can always be found in the edge column. Also this guide has a star and smiley system. The stars represent the beauty of the trip and the smileys for the fun factor, which regards slides and jumps.

Due to space limitations, not all accessible canyons in Tyrol were described in detail, for example, the book focuses on the most beautiful canyons or on alternate routes for bad weather. The many other canyons are shown on the main maps and listed by name. Therefore of interest for those canyoneers, who are looking for certain charm to explore a canyon with only a few of information.

To bring the content for the international canyoneers all the detailed information are written in German and English and in addition the brief information are explained with pictograms in Italian, French and Spanish.

A detailed explanation of techniques or trip planning has been omitted, here it is referring to the book "rope and belaying techniques for canyoning". To achieve the security, at all brief information the emergency call of the mountain rescue is mentioned. Thus, even when copying or photographing you’ll see always the emergency number, which in an emergency case can be a big advantage, particularly for foreign canyoneers. A great idea is the presentation of the emergency app of the Tyrolean mountain rescue for mobile phones.

For me, a very detailed and amazing creation which makes fun to browse. It shows the amount of beautiful canyoning trips that exist in the Tyrol, and want to be absolutely done.

The guide with € 45.00 is worth the money, was issued in self-published Riml-Amor Canyoningbuch GesbR and can be ordered at