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Alexander RIML

Born in 1969 Alexander lives in Tumpen/Ötztal together with his wife Susanne and his three children.

Very soon his parents took him with them into the native mountains and he learned skiing at the age of five. This early confrontation with the different kinds of alpine sports certainly was the foundation for his future alpine education.

Today Alexander is a skilled and authorized raft-, canyoning, IVBV-canyoning-, mountain- and skiing guide and works as general authorized and certified court expert for alpinism, canyoning, mountain rescue, avalanche qualification and avalanche accidents for the domestic courts. Because of these professional qualifications he is often invited as instructor and teacher for the Tyrolean Mountain Rescue and the Mountain Guide Association. Since many years he organizes the Tyrolean canyoning education with great success.

In the 90ies Alexander was infected with the “canyoning-virus“ by his mountain guide friend Walter Wille during a guided trip with guests. Since then he has always been travelling to different countries and did some first descents with his friends from the adidas canyoning team. Today he offers nice experiences of nature in different alpine disciplines to his guests with his small company activsport alpin - the mountainguides for you. In his opinion it is the best to see this glitter in the eyes of a guest, after reaching his personal goal.

As Alexander is travelling in different areas and always is dependent on local information, he dreamed about creating a canyoning guide for Tyrol for a long time, to show the sports diversity in Tyrol and to offer an ideal source of information for others.

Gunnar AMOR

Born in 1967, Gunnar is used to the alpine terrain since his childhood. In summer he is enthusiastic about mountaineering, climbing, paragliding and a lot more, in winter you find him with his alpine touring skis in the mountains almost every day.

Gunnar is actively responsible for the Bettelwurf Hütte of the OeAV Innsbruck as a honorary warden, where the Absamer via ferrata was built on his initiative in 2011.

Gunnar works professionally in his technical office for design, procurement and supervision of water supply- and waste water treatment systems and hydro power plants, specialized for objects in remote areas. Besides, Gunnar is an international expert for bigger projects in foreign countries. During summer he is able to combine work with his passion, canyoning, very well.

Since 1990 Gunnar is a canyoneer with passion, he did a lot of canyoning journeys worldwide and he explored canyons in almost all European countries and on the island La Réunion. After his training to be a guide at the Commission Européenne de Canyon and the Tyrolean Mountain Sports Leadership Association, his interest was increased in this sector. During this time he did several first descents and equipped a lot of canyons with the necessary bolts. Since 2003 he is a member of the training team of Tyrolean canyoning guides.

Thrilled about canyoning being a family sport, like in France, the idea of the canyoning guide for Tyrol was born. With this Canyoningguide for Tyrol he hopes that a lot of athletes will be affected by the adventure and canyoning will be known as an individual kind of sport in Tyrol, too.

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